Send your design references, specifications such as size, placement on the body, style, accompanied with

your date and/ or time of day request, all at the time of your first enquiry  to above email address.  

Generally all emails are replied to by 7:00 am daily and throughout reception hours on our open days. 

On days the we are closed we are hopefully doing fun things outdoors, and will respond the following day.


Every week it is different days off for Elton, no two weeks alike.   Just request your preferred date and time we can do our best to suit you with some advanced notice.

Reception Hours for walk ins, consultations and/or to make future bookings are not the same as tattoo booking hours which can start earlier and run later than Reception hours.

Reception Hours are as listed below.


                Reception Hours      Tattoo Hours

25 Monday         12 - 6    12 - 9

26 Tuesday         12 - 6    12 - 9

27 Wednesday    Closed

28 Thursday        Closed

29 Friday             Closed

30 Saturday        10 - 4     10 - 4


Reception Opens  10:30

                 Closes    4:00 (officially)                       Can often be open until 7:30 depending style of bookings that are made or how busy the shop is with people up to that point in the day

Tattoo Bookings

Starting from 9:30 am - 7:30pm

01 Sunday       Open

02 Monday      Open

03 Tuesday      Closed

04 Wednesday Open

05 Thursday     Open

06 Friday         Open

07 Saturday     Closed

08 Sunday       Closed

09 Monday      Open

10 Tuesday      Open

11 Wednesday Open

12 Thursday     Closed

13 Friday          Open

14 Saturday      Open

15 Sunday        Open

16 Monday       Open

17 Tuesday       Open

18 Wednesday  Closed

19 Thursday      Closed

20 Friday           Closed

21 Saturday       Open

22 Sunday         Open

23 Monday        Open

24 Tuesday        Closed

25 Wednesday   Closed

26 Thursday       Closed

27 Friday            Open

28 Saturday        Open

29 Sunday          Open

30 Monday         Open

31 Tuesday         Closed